From the earliest days, now more than 80 years ago, Trigano has been working in the leisure industry. As a “constructor of freedom”, Trigano respects all those who make and use our products, as well as the environment and the socio-economic setting of our operations.

Trigano is now one of the largest companies in the industry, thanks to our many branches in France and abroad, with a workforce of more than 8,000; and as such we must position ourselves at the highest level in every area.

Wherever we work, thanks to the efforts of our workforce, Trigano promotes a clear and rigorous ethical stance. The values set out below, their application, their acceptance and implementation without reservation by all of us - these are essential conditions for the long life, reputation and prosperity of Trigano.

This Code of Ethics sets out and affirms these values.

Just as the Top Management of Trigano is responsible for indicating the rules of conduct and action to be observed in the company, we are each also responsible for applying, spreading awareness of and verifying the application of these rules, whatever our position in the company; and should any violations of the Code of Ethics arise, we are also responsible for remedying them immediately or reporting them to our superiors.

This Code of Ethics does not aim to foresee and regulate every possible eventuality. The internal regulations of each function, the Code of Conduct governing the fight against corruption - recently distributed with application to the Group as a whole - and any other applicable procedures themselves already set out many areas of application along with sanctions for transgression. All these documents are widely distributed and available on the Trigano website (

Top Management is committed to ensuring that our workforce is trained and assessed in relation to the rules set out below, as they relate to the context in which Trigano operates: human, regulatory, economic, social and environmental.

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