We are a leading campervan company and one of the largest in our local area.
Together with our dealerships and vendors, we aim to continue to be a system characterised by excellence, focussed on maximising the satisfaction of the customer and the system itself, by harmonising and developing competencies and the motivation of all actors in the process.
Our passion is to make the dream of travelling in freedom, feeling at home, safely and with respect for the environment, a reality.
Our objective is to build high quality vehicles for families and leisure, assuring total customer satisfaction while establishing and continuously improving a company CULTURE of occupational health and safety and respect for the environment.  




  • Passion for one’s work and for its environmental and safety aspects
  • Transparency, loyalty, clear rules, respect for the rules, respect for the worker
  • Occupational safety, with respect for the environment and the local territory
  • Training and engagement of the workforce and their representatives
  • Focus on the client: dealership, customer, colleagues
  • Product quality and safety
  • Lean Thinking: fight against waste and continuous improvement of one’s own performance




BY implementing an integrated Environmental and Safety System, the companies TRIGANO Servizi Srl, TRIGANO Spa and SEA SpA intend to pursue the company’s objectives and officially commit, to all stakeholders, including the owner, shareholders, employees, vendors, public authorities, local area, citizens, institutions and customers:

  • to provide the human and instrumental resources required to fulfil stated objectives
  • to set up systems to apply and verify the observance of applicable legal, cogent and voluntary requirements relating to the environment and safety, thus reducing the risk of accidents, of contracting occupational illnesses, and of environmental incidents
  • to set out plans to continuously improve the Integrated Management System
  • to construct a system for gathering and monitoring data (KPIs) to control activities, assess their results, and provide an objective basis for decision making
  • to engage and consult with the workforce in continuously improving the System and gathering their suggestions and criticisms
  • to draw up and distribute, within the company, the Mission and Value statements, with meetings during and outside working hours, bulletin boards and committees
  • to distribute and apply the company's Integrated Code of Ethics.


This policy will be:

  • distributed inside the organisation
  • made known to all persons and companies working on behalf of the organisation
  • made available to the public, including on the company website
  • reviewed from time to time to ensure that it remains up to date and adequate to the organisation.