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Our story is one of innovation, continual growth and close bonds with the communities in which we are located and where our people live and work. It’s an Italian story, a story about business people and artisans who were able to keep pace with the changing times and adapt their fabrication skills to their customers’ wish to travel in complete freedom.

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We are pleased to present our Code of Ethics to you, Trigano’s employees and partners. Trigano has grown considerably in recent years, and is now one of the industry leaders in Europe. And this makes it important that we restate our values in terms of professional ethics. These values apply to all of us, top management, middle management, office staff, factory workers and partners, because it is only by observing these values that we can, all together, continue to grow and sustain our company. The Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board have adhered to this approach, and join me in thanking you in advance for your attention to our Code of Ethics, and observance of the conduct it demands.


François Feuillet

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Integrated quality


We are a leading campervan company and one of the largest in our local area.
Together with our dealerships and vendors, we aim to continue to be a system characterised by excellence, focussed on maximising the satisfaction of the customer and the system itself, by harmonising and developing competencies and the motivation of all actors in the process.
Our passion is to make the dream of travelling in freedom, feeling at home, safely and with respect for the environment, a reality.
Our objective is to build high quality vehicles for families and leisure, assuring total customer satisfaction while establishing and continuously improving a company CULTURE of occupational health and safety and respect for the environment.  

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We are responsible for enacting any measures required to safeguard our workforce and assure them the best working conditions, satisfying the customer’s requirements and minimizing our impact on the environment.

To this end, we verify that our company processes are compliant with the law by completing the certifications required to provide the respective guarantees and transparency.

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