Trigano is made up of the separate brands which have made up its history, guaranteeing an offering which is ever more varied in terms of design, function and positioning. In their different ways and in their different markets, all our brands share a common objective: to create freedom and happiness with leisure time experiences in harmony with the environment.


We have a complete portfolio of high quality brands which leverage the know-how of our R&D centres to create high quality products featuring the most innovative technologies and solutions, leaving no detail to chance. Our people work every day to create motorhomes and campervans which suit the diverse lifestyles of our European customers, with product ranges to satisfy every requirement and ensure that every customer feels completely at home.

Thanks to our well-established organisation, we are also able to offer not only highly reliable products, but also the best quality of customer service.

Motorcaravan e Van production

Smart solutions focussed on practicality and function, a guarantee of reliability in everyday use. A brand rooted in long traditions.

Motorcaravans and vans with a strong personality: Italian style, unbeatable comfort and a vast range of options. Always ahead of the wave, for the customer who wants something really special.

For more than 50 years, Mobilvetta has been a premium brand offering top of the range Made in Italy design, technical innovation, performance and comfort.

A dynamic international brand. A wide range of products featuring the latest technologies, known for their comfortable living spaces.

The historic Italian campervan brand puts all its unparalleled experience into creating comfort and spaces to share. Solutions within anyone’s grasp with assured safety and value over time.

Choose excellence born of industrial technology and craftsmanship. Comfort and luxury - like your home. 365 days a year.

Eden Camp, c’est une nouvelle perspective sur la destination, une promesse nourrie par: la beauté augmentée, la serenité, un service premium.

 Accessories for campervans, caravans, camping sites, the outdoors and yachts. 

The French brand with over 40 years experience in making premium campervans: innovative solutions, high quality materials and the very best equipment.

Multivans, campervans and cars, the ideal partner for any occasions: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days ina year.