The Company

Our story is one of innovation, continual growth and close bonds with the communities in which we are located and where our people live and work. It’s an Italian story, a story about business people and artisans who were able to keep pace with the changing times and adapt their fabrication skills to their customers’ wish to travel in complete freedom. During the Italian economic boom, motorhomes were the biggest innovation in the outdoors tourism industry. Our most historic companies and brands played a major role in these changes: diverse companies with a shared objective, which over the years succeeded in conquering the international market while maintaining their individual character. From Milan to the Val d’Elsa in Tuscany, to Rome and Abruzzo - for decades all these Italian businesses grew by promoting their own brands, only later coming together, at different times, under the leadership of a great multinational, Trigano SA. This brought a large number of different methods and know-hows under one roof - because strength is born of unity. The French multinational Trigano brought together the separate stories of these different families and valorised our work in Italy, thus consolidating a manufacturing group that now has 5 factories in Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo.

We put our heart and soul into our work to overcome the challenges we face with enthusiasm and positivity.  Our diverse brands, our experience and our relationships with our communities - this is our value. Tastes and the requirements of our customers have changed over the years, but our values have remained the same - as has our focus on our customers.

And today, as before, our mission remains that of enabling our customers to make their dream of holidaying outdoors come true.

Production sites

In Italy there are 5 production sites: 3 in Tuscany, 1 in Umbria e 1 in Abruzzo.


Mission and values


We create freedom in leisure. Our experience enables to make our customers’ dream of travelling in complete freedom a reality. We put all our passion into the design of our motorhomes and campervans, enabling our customers to be citizens of the world, be the places they visit and the experiences they live.

We want to accompany our customers in the most relaxing moments of their lives, offering unforgettable emotions, leisure activities, culture, food, love, landscapes and nature. This is why we build high quality recreational vehicles for any budget: your best partners for discovering the world while feeling at home wherever you go, in total comfort and safety.

We work to spread the culture of outdoors holidays: whatever your next destination, you need only set out from what you love the most, with your RV as your partner in the emotions you’ll experience.

To fully respect for the world around us, for a green lifestyle which sets limits to our consumption of natural resources, we are bound to think carefully about how we choose to spend our free time. When we go on holiday, the way we reach and experience our destination can make all the difference to our environmental impact on the planet.