Motorhome and campervan holidays are the key to eco-friendly tourism. A study by Pisa University on Mobile Living Units in 2015 demonstrates that the CO2 emissions of this kind of holiday are up to 52% lower than conventional forms of tourism.
The family that chooses an RV for their holiday has chosen to protect the planet by travelling responsibly and sustainably.
Respect for nature involves reducing waste, a golden rule for motorhome users, where rationing water usage and limiting energy consumption are especially important.

The trip thus educates the traveller in responsible consumption, and keeping everyone happy means observing certain rules as well as being curious and engaged.


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Choosing a motorhome means respecting the limited resources nature offers us and safeguarding the enchanting locations we so often neglect or forget.
The practical habits which motorhome users must adopt become habitual in everyday life, and contribute to safeguarding the environment.


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This starts with responsible, considered shopping to reduce waste and the consumption of plastic, which easily takes up a lot of space in the vehicle's interior. We learn to turn out the lights and adjust the heating to save energy and battery life. We use water with care, without wasting it, since the water tank has a limited capacity.

And our stays in the middle of nature teach us to admire and love the environment which hosts us for the night and sets the scene for our trekking, cycling and relaxing walks.

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Trigano is proud to take on the challenge of reducing our impact on the environment and offering the better alternative of responsible holidaying.