Slow Travel

Slow Travel is our answer to the urgency of our everyday lives, which never allow us to relax and just enjoy the beauty around us.

Slowness and sustainability are the keys to Slow Travel, and can make your holiday a complete, engaging experience.

Motorhomes and vans enable families to travel together in peace, without the rush to reserve hotel rooms or book every restaurant along the trip.

We invite you to slow down and experience the world you live in to the full. It is only in this way that you can really live your holiday to the full, immerse yourself in the culture of a small village or fully enjoy their traditional dishes.


If we were able to experience the areas we visit to the full, and take in and understand their authentic traditions - wouldn’t we also understand ourselves better?
The experience of travelling in the outdoors puts the focus on the local territory, with respect for traditions, authenticity and sustainability. 

A motorcaravans or van holiday is the ideal antidote to the rat race, because the vehicle that takes us to our destination transforms the conventional tourist into a traveller, aware and open to every emotion and experience.