Health and safety

Free, protected and well insulated, a motorhome assures the user a safe holiday while enjoying the same lifestyle we are used to at home.

When looking for a safe holiday option, the choice to set out with a motorhome is the ideal vacation for still keeping a bit of distance.

On board your clean and tidy motorhome, you can always keep a certain distance from other vacationers and enjoy a safe and relaxing time, changing your itinerary or adding another stay as you wish. These changes can be the right way to indulge the pleasure of moving from a crowded spot to a more isolated location.


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Motorhomes are the best choice for a travelling vacation which observes social distancing, since they offer a protected place to stay, surrounded by your own furniture and accessories.
Having your own kitchen and refrigerator, using your own cutlery, or using your own bathroom - these are luxuries not to be underestimated.

A motorhome allows you to enjoy a holiday with the comforts of home, while maintaining your own standards of personal hygiene.