Mobilvetta awarded at the NC Digital Awards


A very important milestone: for the first time a motorhome manufacturer brand manages to obtain such recognition at a national level in a category, such as the automotive one, where competition in investments and promotion is felt.

An innovative storytelling, new to our business, set and written on board our campers. A day by day on the road that enthused from the idea to the realisation, then promoted through a communication campaign adapted to the plein air reality.

Two couples of Travel influencer: In Viaggio col Tubo, on board of the Van Admiral K 6.5, and Mi Prendo e Mi Porto Via, on board of the Motorhome K-Yacht Tekno Line 90 traced a word of hope, "LIFE", starting from opposite points to rejoin in Paris after two weeks of travel.

mobilvetta-tour-parigi-camper e van.jpg